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 Thing I do not understand: why Matchbox Twenty does not advertise, as part of its marketing for the USB recording of the night's show, that you are able to download not one but two shows, effectively making the price 20 dollars a show, not 40 -- or, you know, double-disk CD price (which is what you are getting, given they play about 25-27 songs a concert).  I bought a wristband in Phoenix and used it to download both the Phoenix and Tucson concerts, but even if you only went to one show, at the end of each tour the fan club votes on a "best of" collection out of the USBs, which then goes up for 'sale' -- I'd imagine that's also available for those people who bought a USB but only went to one show.

I mean, I sincerely doubt they're hurting to move merchandise, but still!  My mind was a little blown the first time I realized you could download two shows and I remember when they started the USB thing!

At any rate, I dutifully share with the rest of the class.

July 26 2013 - Phoenix, Arizona - Comerica Theater

July 27 2013 - Tucson, Arizona - AVA Amphitheater

While I was waiting for my shows to go up I was looking through the set-lists for the Goo/Matchbox tours, and I have to say it made me all the more grateful that Matchbox came back to AZ without Goo.  Since they're technically "co-headlining" it looks like Goo is getting about an hour and Matchbox an hour and a half, and as a result, in order to get all of their hits in, their set-list is packed.  It looks like a greatest hit list without much change.  Which is great for a shed tour, but we got some strange ones that we definitely wouldn't have gotten if they hadn't played the full two hours both nights.   Also, if Kyle gets "Hang" any more country they're all going to be coming out in cowboy hats and it will never not be a source of entertainment to me.  I love listening to some of the old songs now and being able to hear the new influence of the band members (there was definitely a point in Tucson where I thought Paul was going to refuse to give back "So Sad So Lonely," and in Phoenix Kyle kept going with the guitar so Rob started singing "Kyle Cook's a bad, bad boy," since he couldn't get his cue.  The moral apparently being that the band gets really, really into that song in particular.)

It also makes me appreciate even more the fact that they expanded their set since Goo wasn't there.  An hour and a half is (from what I can tell) a pretty expected time for a single headliner -- Fall Out Boy always played about that when I saw them and they were nowhere as high-energy as Matchbox.  It was so fucking hot and they were at about 120% and they still kept stretching it.   The heat did lead to what has to be my new favorite Rob concert comment, though -- in Tucson he gave the same little thing he says every time he's in AZ during the summer about how people who aren't from Arizona probably come off as total wimps, and then adds, "it's like when you come to New York and get mugged, that's how we feel.  Wimps."  Rob ilu.
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