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I have no content today because I have done nothing, so instead, here is a picture of Fyodor.

I swear to god Fyodor has been going through his terrible twos since I adopted him at six months old. He's a little over two years old now; his 'big sister,' Virginia, is almost four and tolerates him, at best -- though, to be fair, she's a tortoiseshell. 'Tolerate at best' is a defining trait of her genetic code. I'm fairly certain she would only tolerate me, at best, if not for the fact I got her when she was so young that I think she thinks I'm her mom. Fyodor's been a bigger bag of dicks than usual since we've been spending the summer at my parents' house though, and I'm starting to feel bad about it. To the point where a part of me thinks that the month away from him might do Virginia some good. The problem is that he's clingy, and I worry about leaving him with my parents vs. leaving Virginia. On the other hand, I don't want to leave her and give her more reason to be jealous. She's already got jealousy issues.

I keep hoping he will Chill The Fuck Out, but he isn't a kitten anymore! Virginia got over her desire to be the biggest can of buttholes in the world after about a year and a half, and Fyodor just keeps going, man.

Ah, well. I guess it could be worse. Neither of my cats are destructive: they've never scratched, clawed, bitten, or otherwise harmed people, furniture, belongings or each other, so there's that? They're the most well-behaved assholes humanly (cat-ly?) possible!

(I have been told I've raised cats with my personality; we will save this self-examination for another day.)


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