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My oldest external hard drive is in the process of dying, or just generally being an asshole for no reason -- I'm unclear on which, but while I can see the folders in which my media is located, I cannot click those folders or enter those folders or get at my media in any way. I'm currently trying to get a fanvid collection that has twelve years' worth of vids in it, but I do not think I am going to have much luck and that makes me sad in ways I cannot describe to you. I had X Files videos on there that don't even exist on the internet anymore.

On the plus side, I rescued all of my Matchbox Twenty mp3s. I'm sure that's a thing you were worried about.  Now I just have to once again procure an amount of television and cinema that we aren't going to talk about.

At any rate, while I fuck around with this stupid external hard drive, I'm reduced to only watching things that are on my other, newer drive. This has led me to re-live my Smallville days, which -- alright, like everyone else I left in season four, because season four made no sense whatsoever. Rewatching does not help. In fact, the show actually makes more sense if you just stop trying to fit season four into the plot of Smallville and pretend Dean Winchester is having the weirdest year ever while Sam is still off at Stanford.


I do appreciate, as always, that at any given time I can never tell if I'm looking at a promotional still or the first five minutes of a porno.  Thank you for that, Smallville.

And now if anyone has any idea how to get files off of an external that is giving I/O errors and won't let me open, explore or run recovery programs on any folder with video in it (though I can see the folder and my computer says the device is working properly), or alternately, if anyone has a huge-ass repository of fanvids they want to share with me to help rebuild my collection, any and all help would be greatly appreciated because oh my god I am going to punt this thing to the moon.


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