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come inside the air I breathe...

...while the band still plays.

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Name:Linzee Style
Birthdate:Jun 28
Yes, I am...

♥ Who I am:

I am a Linzee. I write fanfic, make fanart, and (occasionally) vid.

I debate. I meta. Sometimes, I tl;dr. I try not to have opinions I cannot back up. I try not to do anything mindlessly. No one is making you read it, though.

♥ What I Love:

Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty are my one true fannish love. Other fandoms come and go, but Matchbox Twenty and everything related to them (The Break and Repair Method, The New Left, and Pookie's golf swing) are ten years of loyalty and counting. They have my heart.

Marvel -- 616 by way of the Cinematic Universe, primarily. I love Steve Rogers blindly and passionately, I will defend Tony Stark to the death, even when he's doing things that can't necessarily be defended, and I ship Steve/Tony and Bucky/Natasha. There are not words to describe how excited I am for Winter Soldier on the big screen. My body is ready.

Adam Lambert. I'm not in the fandom anymore, but talent is a bulletproof kink, and sometimes you just have to spend some quality time with positivity.

Fandoms I have been in but am not currently active in include: Decaydance bandslash, Smallville, Queer as Folk, Supernatural, House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, and The X Files.

♥ About This Journal:

95% of my posts are public. My friending policy is, frankly, random as hell, but I love meeting new people and having passers-by stop by and say hi. Please say hello! I don't bite. :)

Feel free to friend, or unfriend, at will.

As of June 2009, all of my bandom fanfic is no longer available online. I apologize. It was for my own continued fannish happiness.
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